Jun 28, 2011

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Welcome to my audio software website!

  1. great and complex synth.

    BUT parameters are not automatable ?
    and a manual would be nice 😉

    • The parameters in BR4034 and BR808 are automatable over MIDI controllers through the modulation matrix, and in Picatune2 over the pattern envelopes. And yeah, a manual would be nice, but I’m a coder (and a musician), not a documentation writer 🙂 So I’ll maybe search somebody then, who’ll write so a such manual.

  2. Extonjaez says:


    Great picatune2 Sequencer!! (like old trackers)
    What is the Output resolution (16 bits or 24 bits) ?
    Where may I put the Output frequency (44.1 or 88.) of the master OUT ?
    What is the key to write on the pattern editor: === ?
    Many Thanks

  3. The demo songs are compositionally good, but can there be one demo that goes throught the presets almost one by one, playing a different little phrase for each preset, and without any additional effects? This is the way Nexus does their audio samples for their expansions and I thought it could impace more people if you did the same. Presets and refills are a big deal these days, like in Alchemy and such. Also, It seems you can load waveforms, it would be cool if this synth offered expansions, perhaps even for sale like Ugo Rez3 is doing. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’m just leaving this message really about the preview sounds since I just listened to a few.

  4. Amazing machine, brillant work, a very clear gui and great sounds, one of the most useful synth you can find, semi modular, very large banks for samples, and so many good things…
    some presets on my site, complete bank coming soon.

  5. pica tune 2 its great but better with asio4all suport

  6. How can i connect in bero tracker classic 2011 instruments to
    master the whire please help me.

  7. transmitter says:


    You can made full FPU processing, for more quality!
    or maybe SSE/SEE2/SEE3/…

    Best regards 😉

    • All my audio stuff on this site are full 32bit-floating-point-based in the DSP chain. BeRoTracker and BR808 are using SSE(2) and multithreading (for multi-core CPUs) already. Picatune2 is using the x87 GPU and multithreading (for multi-core CPUs). And BR404 is using only the x87 FPU in a single thread.

  8. EvilDragon says:


    BR808 seems like a very interesting synth! I’m having an issue in Reaper, though. When I load your FXB DamnColdWinter, and try to switch presets on channel 1, it scrolls through all presets in the bank before settling on the next preset. I find it very weird. Here’s a GIF of this behavior:


    Also, I couldn’t figure out how to switch between different MIDI channels for editing? Thanks!

    Cheers, and good luck with this synth!

  9. mate! I can’t get the speech section to work on this at all, I feel I must be missing something glaringly obvious, any idea what it might be?

  10. hello, question:
    how do i use this voice thing?
    i’m not able to get any other sound out of this program as the standart beep…

  11. Picatune2 macht Spaß!
    Wie gut sind die Chancen, das ich das auch für Linux bekommen kann?

    • Ohne WINE gar nicht und mithilfe WINE sofort 🙂 Der Grund dafür ist einfach dass Picatune2 (selbst der Synthcodepart davon) massenhaft adie Win32 API direkt benutzt, wo ein crossplatform-mäßiges umschreiben des Codes einfach zu viel aufwendig wäre. Picatune2 ist halt primär ein Synth für Demoszenen Windows 64k Intros gewesen, der nun im Ruhestand ist, da ich bereits einen neuen SoftSynth für meine 64k Intros entwickelt und im Einsatz habe (Beispieleinsatzorte: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBolzDqfBGQ und http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTXL-y_aZWc ).

  12. 3d sound says:

    3d sound

    Sine Mod LFO

  13. Wayne says:

    Hey Bero – I get no sound when importing a preset bank. Individual presets import fine. Any idea where I’m going wrong?

    Features and sound rock BTW.


  14. 3d sound says:

    Dauble SAW Mod e like RA goa trance

  15. Casualboy says:

    I want to ask.
    Is there a manual or tutorial for BeroTracker?
    Is BeroTracker able to load sample from Soundfont file (SF2)?

    • No, there is no manual yet, and yes, BeRoTracker can load instruments from SF2 (and DLS) soundbanks.

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